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КЛИМНО (Крк) Дом недалеко от моря и центра


KLIMNO (KRK) This indigenous, coastal house only 25 m from the sea and the centre, was completely renovated in 2006, it is regularly maintained and does not require any additional investment. From its spacious terrace stretches a beautiful sea view.
On the ground floor of this typical house there is a tavern where you can enjoy the time passed with your friends but also relax during the summer heat thanks to its natural freshness of the thick, stone walls.
On the first level of the house, which is reached from the ground floor by an external staircase, there is a kitchen, dining room and bathroom. On the second level, reached by the internal staircase, there are 2 bedrooms, bathroom and living room with access to the 13 m2 terrace and a sea view where you could construct a nice external fireplace and enjoy there in company of your friends or with your family with a beautiful view and the freshness of the sea air. The house also has a high attic, where the additional living space could be arranged. During the thorough adaptation, all its vital parts (roof, installations…) were restored, but its typicality and originality were preserved. Namely, this house has a special architectural value because it represents a historical heritage from the 15th century, as evidenced by the Glagolitic inscription on its stone vault.
If you are looking for a small corner near the sea and all the facilities where you can enjoy the many activities offered by this area (walks, cycling, diving, healing mud, great fish restaurants), then this little beauty is the ideal solution for you!


Коммунальные услуги

  • Электричество
  • Городской водопровод
  • Городская канализация


  • Обстановка: Меблированный
  • паркет


  • Класс энергетической эффективности: Энергия сертификат в процессе становления
  • Свидетельство о собственности


  • Таверна

Близко к содержанию

  • Парк
  • Детская площадка
  • Почта
  • Магазин
  • Общественный транспорт
  • Близость моря
  • Удаленность от моря: 25


  • Терраса
  • Каменный дом
  • Меблированный
  • Возможность
  • Вид на море
  • Год последней адаптации: 2006
  • Тип дома: двухквартирный дом

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